Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cousin Time!!

I know I don't mention them much on this blog, but I have a niece and a nephew.  They are W's only cousins.  One of the hard parts of living so far away is that I am missing out on so much with them.  The last time I saw baby "B", he was 3 months old.  Now, he is nearly walking.  His big sister "C" is such fun.  She is into all the girly things that my boy doesn't like.  She even taught me the names of all of the Disney Princess's horses-talk about something I would NEVER learn as a mother of a boy!

  I really wish that W had the opportunity to see them more often, but we are taking advantage of this summer vacation to schedule lots of playdates.  We rode up to Birmingham last week for a short morning together followed by lunch.  I plan to schedule several more before we leave.

 Gotta love cousins!!

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