Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Power of a Blog

I took W to the Community Center for jumpy castle playtime today and was able to meet several moms who just arrived on base.  It is so nice to see all of these new faces and be able to answer some of their questions about life in Turkey.  One sweet lady told me that her small group in Illinois had been praying for a lady here at Incirlik.  Apparently, one of the other women in the small group stumbled upon this girl's blog and saw that she and her husband were trying to start a family but were finding it difficult.  After a little discussion, we quickly determined that this girl is one of my dearest friends here.  The lady I met said that she couldn't believe it when her husband told her they were moving here-the same place as the girl she had been praying for lives.

Imagine-a group of ladies praying for someone they have never met and have no connection to that lives on the other side of the world....all because of a blog. Blogs are powerful.  They connect the writer to people they never would have met otherwise.  They give the writer a creative outlet and a unique support system.  Most of my friends here blog.  Some more than others.  But here is a sampling of other "Turkey blogs" if you are interested in checking them out:

Life in the.....-Wendi
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Hope you enjoy!!

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