Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A "Major" Accomplishment

I know I am a little behind in posting this, but we found out that Ryan will be promoted to the rank of Major a couple of weeks ago.  We expected that he would make rank, but were pleasantly surprised to learn he is also a "school select".  This means that he was in top 20% of everyone who is being promoted. We will be going for a year of school somewhere in the US in a couple of years.

I try not to be a "bragadocious"(thanks for the word, Dad!) person, but I am really proud of Ryan.  He loves his job, and truly loves to serve his country.  He wants to do the best work possible, and that excellence rubs off on those around him.  He is deserving of whatever good things come his way in this career.  Oh, and he is a pretty great dad and husband, too :).

Way to go, Ryan!!


  1. Congratulations to Ryan! That is great. As for "bragadocious", I might just have to steal it!

  2. Congratulations, Ryan! Superstar!!!