Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Been Awhile.......

So, I have been in Turkey going-on 10 months.  I got to thinking.....what are some things that I haven't seen/done in 10 months?

1.  Used a cell phone
2.  Been at an intersection (as the driver)
3.  Gone to a grocery store on a Monday (the Commissary is closed on Mondays)
4.  Been to a mall/shopping center by myself just to shop
5.  Had my own car
6.  Been to a drugstore
7.  Watered my own grass (gotta love a gardener)
8.  Had a glass of water at a restaurant (it's ONLY bottled water here)
9.  Been through a drive-thru
10.  Seen a movie that is a new release at the theater
11.  Had a good steak/good seafood
12.  Had fresh blueberries/raspberries

And folks, that's just scratching the surface..........

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