Saturday, April 16, 2011

Party Foul

Today, I went to a Gourmet Group with my Turkish-American Women's Club.  Each month, we pick a different country's cuisine and each bring a dish to share.  This month's region was Germany and I was assigned a salad.  German Potato Salad immediately came to mind.  I did a quick internet search and found a Bobby Flay recipe that I liked.  I was a mad woman in the kitchen trying to finish it on time.  Poor Ryan was left with a huge mess as I jetted out the door with my crock pot just in the nick of time.  My Turkish neighbor Seyhun was driving me and when I put the dish in her car and she looked as if she would throw up.  The dish is made with bacon.  Muslims don't eat pork. I knew this, but completely forgot in my rush.  She told me very nicely the dish was offensive and that it was not a good idea to take it.

I ended up taking a couple of bottles of German wine.

Better luck next time.

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