Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planning Mode

I knew this would happen.  In the few days since we have received our assignment to DC, I have been in full-on planning mode.  Houses, schools, shopping, commutes-nothing is being left uncovered.  I am contacting several people who live there for advice.  This move is occupying my time and my thoughts. 

You know what I want to occupy my thoughts and time?  My amazing friends, some of whom are only weeks away from moving.  I need to soak up every moment with them.  W's sweet little buddies.  I need to be planning more playdates than ever.  The 3-4 great parks that are less than a minute from my house.  We need to be taking fullest advantage.

Mark my words: I will miss Turkey.  I will move and get to a fantastic new place and probably feel isolated and alone for awhile.  I will have "reverse culture shock".

So this week, I plan to step back, take a deep breath, and just enjoy the time I have.  I plan to live in the moment here- whether they are good moments, or, um- Turkey ones.  I plan to leave with no regrets.

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